Patzer Integrated Therapy Centre

My Philosophy

I am a firm believer that the body heals itself; that the body has only one function and that is to regenerate itself. I believe that when the body’s energies are blocked or weakened and its ability to heal itself is inhibited, the result is illness, disease and/or death. I believe that although God put that natural healing in our bodies, He allows us the privilege of assisting, in the facilitation of the body’s journey back to good health.

I believe that each person should be seen, not as part of a demographic but as an individual, with therapy tailored to their specific needs. I further believe that three of the most important aspects involved in any healing, are the mind (what you believe), forgiveness, and laughter.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold, firstly, to help as many people as possible in the restoration of their health and regeneration of their bodies and secondly to educate people in how to live healthier lifestyles that they may enjoy both quantity and quality of life.

Patzer Integrated Therapy Centre

101-250 Panet Road, Winnipeg Manitoba

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